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Strategic Corporate Investigations, Reputational Due Diligence and Background Check: Hong Kong, China and SE Asia

Why Choose Veriton for Your Background Check and Corporate Investigations?

Veriton Investigations was founded by an ex Hong Kong Police superintendent, Chris Wilson.   He is supported by a dedicated team of professionals. Veriton can meet your corporate investigation requirements in Hong Kong, Macau, China as well as other parts of SE Asia.  Apart from routine investigations, we are specialists in all types of background check and reputational due diligence.


Most Veriton investigators in Hong Kong, as well as other parts of SE Asia, are ex-police.  In addition, they have many years experience in the private sector.

Our researchers are fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. They receive on-going training in current database and research techniques.


Our service is prompt and reliable.  However, we take time at the beginning of every corporate investigation to understand how best to mitigate your business risks.

Ordinarily, all research, background check and investigative work are documented in a comprehensive, customized report.


Whenever possible, we phase corporate investigations to provide cost-effective solutions.

Ultimately, this allows you to better plan budgets and reassess deliverables as your project progresses.

A picture of Veriton Corporate Investigations founder Chris Wilson

Who Are We?

Before co-founding Veriton Investigations in 2014, Chris spent 35 years with the Hong Kong Police.  He lead the Police’s Counter Terrorism and Internal Security (CTIS) division after the 9-11 attacks and ran the Criminal Intelligence Analysis Training Course for several years.  He headed teams dealing with everything from kidnappings to Triad-related crime.

Later, his corporate skills were honed with a US-owned casino in Macau.  Here, he oversaw all corporate investigations and due diligence initiatives in support of the Corporate Compliance Program.

After a life-time in Hong Kong, Chris has established a strong network of partners in the field of investigations and security.

Our Corporate Investigation Services

Veriton specializes in research, corporate investigations and background check for clients in multiple business sectors from casinos and construction to conservation NGOs and insurance companies.

From a simple background check to full reputational due diligence for acquisitions and mergers, we work closely with you to support your business needs.

Types of Background Check

A picture of a film negative strip used in a typical background check
International Background Check

What constitutes a background check? Maybe you simply need a pre-employment check? Perhaps you are wondering if a potential business partner has a criminal record or has been bankrupt?

Our criminal record checks service is not limited to Hong Kong and China. For example, more unusual countries include Palau, the Bahamas, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Philippines. TAT is dependent on jurisdiction.

A security fence with a large hole cut through it.
Reputational Due Diligence

Is your company struggling to mitigate risks on projects in Hong Kong, China and other parts of SE Asia?

Backed by a comprehensive network of sources, Veriton Investigations specializes in identifying reputational risk issues associated with your potential partners, vendors and clients.

As a matter of course, we will keep you updated regularly.

Panoramic shot of Central Business District, Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Observation Wheel in the front right.
Hong Kong Company Check

Basic background check for Hong Kong companies can be conducted quickly and reasonably. For incomplete names, we undertake preliminary research to fully identify an entity. Afterward, with precise details, it is also then possible to check further records with the Hong Kong Business Registration Office.

Subsequently, should you need to visualize the relationships between a network of companies, we can also provide link chart analysis.  Link charting is a speciality of Veriton Investigations.

View of a street corner in Guangzhou - a city where we have conducted a company background check on many occasions.
China Company Check

Are you experiencing problems with a partner company in China?

Nowadays, less corporate data is being made available by the Chinese government.  Therefore, standard computer generated checks can no longer support your business risk assessments.

In short, our background check for a China company is conducted by people – not computers.

Fraud Investigation and Legal Support Service

An image of shipping containers displayed as a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing.
Insurance Investigations

If you are in the insurance field and requiring insurance fraud investigators, please contact us direct. Successful insurance scam enquiries have been accomplished in Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. These have ranged from fake claims in car insurance through to travel.

For example, in China, many recent cases have related to death, personal accident or health insurance fraud. To ensure quality results, we deploy our Hong Kong investigators to China.

The front page of a booklet about Process Serves published by Veriton.
Process Serve

Aside from background check experts, we have a team of professional process servers.  They have conducted hundreds of successful process serves for international law firms and companies worldwide. 

Our dedicated website – – discusses our service in details and common FAQs such as the Hague Convention.

Apart from Hong Kong, China and Macau we have conducted serves throughout SE Asia via our longstanding network of international process agents.

Veriton A-Z of Corporate Investigation Services and FAQs

Common questions about our surveillance, corporate investigations and background check  – as well as example case studies – are organized in this useful A-Z.

What Veriton Clients Say?

Discretion is key to our business. We never divulge the name of a client.  However, here are a few snippets of testimonials we have received over the years.  These are related to various aspects of our corporate investigations and background check services.

A round button of the Swiss flag used to represent a corporate investigations client based in Switzerland.

Due Diligence on Macau Triad


“Once again, thanks a lot for your work. This was one of the best intelligence-based products that I have seen in a long time. 

You and your team clearly know Macau very well. I’m very happy with the content of the report and especially the fast turnaround. In short, a great analysis on this guy. Very good job!”

A round button of the UK flag used to represent a corporate investigations client based in UK.

Mistreatment of Dogs Investigation


“I have now had an opportunity to go over your report. I have to say, and without sounding big headed I hope, I thought I prepare well structured, detailed and comprehensive reports!  However, I have to hold my hands up and say this is one of the best, most well-written reports I have had the pleasure of receiving from a fellow investigator.

So well done!”

A round button of the US flag used to represent a corporate investigations client based in USA.

Pyramid Fraud Investigation


“Many thanks for this thorough investigation. It is exactly what we were looking for. As a result, our worst fears were confirmed.  However, with what you have uncovered, we should be able to get our lawyers to stop this immediately.

Incidentally, your investigator that attended the fraudulent product briefing in Hong Kong did a really great job. The paper evidence that shows the criminal nature of the fake scheme was especially useful.”

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