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Why Choose Us for Your Security and Investigative Needs?

Supposing is good, but finding out is better. ~ Mark Twain

Veriton Security is based in Hong Kong and specializes in Research & Investigations, Process Serves and Locates (Missing Persons/ Skip Trace), Due Diligence, Personnel Screening (Pre-Employment), Intellectual Property (IP), Private Investigations, Surveillance and Security. We have a compact, motivated, multicultural and experienced team of the highest integrity and professionalism.

Our Customers

Our customers are both local and international who appreciate us for our high quality reporting and enhanced customer service. Our current clients include insurance companies, partner investigative agencies in UK, USA, Australia and India, multi-national construction, engineering, chemical and manufacturing companies and international casinos.

We work closely with lawyers and corporate teams involved with Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). We are also well-known for our work in Conservation with multiple NGOs worldwide.

Operational Areas

About 75% of our work is based in Hong Kong and China. The remainder is concentrated in other SE Asian countries namely nearby Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines and Indonesia.Being located in the heart of SE Asia, clients can rest assured that all their projects – from here in Hong Kong and nearby Shenzhen to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta – are directly managed by senior Veriton Security personnel.

HK Police & ICAC Experience

Within law enforcement, our team has worked in Criminal Intelligence, Hong Kong Police and Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Surveillance, Aviation and Maritime Security, Counter-terrorism, Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Computer Forensics, Internal Investigations, Case Prosecution, Commercial Crime & Fraud and investigations at all levels – including Triad Societies and Asian Organized Crime.

Research & Reporting

The Veriton Security research team is multi-lingual (Cantonese, Mandarin and English). In addition, we can work with French and Italian clients. We also have an IT strength and a lot of our work – particularly for the conservation groups – requires expert statistical analysis with database reporting and informative charting. All reports – no matter how small the project – are monitored closely by one of the directors. We never produce reports based on automated systems and we cross-check all leads.

IT developments have included telephone call analysis and “expert databases” for clients with specialized requirements. All complex projects involving multiple companies and individuals are clarified with detailed link analysis charts.


If required, projects are supported by our Surveiilance team . Surveillance product – photographs and video – are incorporated into our reports.

Additional Services

For clients who require additional, specialist services, we work with a host of security experts in areas as diverse as Computer Forensics, DNA Testing and Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

With a focus on efficient and clear customer communications, Veriton Security provides
prompt, cost-effective investigative services to worldwide companies and individuals who need
to mitigate risks associated with clients and business in SE Asia including Hong Kong, Macau,
China, Singapore and Indonesia.
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