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Why go through an intermediary agent to investigate insurance fraud when you can come to us direct?

SE ASIA CLAIM INVESTIGATIONS: We are always seeking to expand our network of insurance-related clients.  If you work in the insurance industry and are concerned about suspect claims emanating from Hong Kong, China, Macau and other parts of SE Asia, please contact us now to chat about insurance fraud investigations.

FLEXIBLE WORKING ARRANGEMENTS: We offer one-off investigations or on-going work based on a retainer.

PARTNER AGENTS: Presently, most of our insurance cases come via referral partner agents.  We have worked with insurance companies from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong and the USA.

Helping you verify Insurance Fraud Claims Overseas

Since we first started our company, we have investigated insurance fraud.  One of our current investigators previously worked for an insurance company after leaving the police.

The majority of our insurance cases relate to one of three types of fraud:

  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Life Insurance Fraud Investigations in China

HONG KONG DETECTIVES: To ensure quality results, we send one of our experienced former detectives up to China to make the enquiries.

QUICK TAT: For investigations involving single or close locations, he usually completes within 2 – 3 working days.  He also speaks fluent Putonghua (Mandarin).

TRUSTED RESULTS: To date, we have found it neither economical nor satisfactory to use agents based in the mainland. 

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Sample Case Studies

CASE STUDY: China & Australia


  • WHO:  Australian Insurance Company
  • WHAT:  Suspicious life insurance claim
  • WHY:  Death of 4-year-old boy in China weeks after father had purchased life insurance
  • WHERE:  Investigations and interviews in northern rural China

Investigator Obtained:

  • Three court cases documenting that father of dead boy was being sued for non- payment 
  • Witness Statements
  • Doctor’s Report
  • Death Certificate

With a TAT of just 1 week, this was a sad case involving two locations.  Our investigator from Hong Kong conducted the enquiries.

CASE STUDY: HK & Jakarta


  • WHO:  Australian Travel Insurance Company
  • WHAT:  Suspicious claim relating to theft of jewellery
  • WHY:  Woman claimed a handbag of expensive jewellery had been stolen on holiday in Jakarta
  • WHERE:  Hong Kong jewellery store

Investigator Obtained:

  • Interviews with management of Hong Kong jewellery store
  • Copies of original receipts,  including victim’s HK identfication number 

The investigation lasted 3 days.  We quickly proved the lady had bought the jewellery. Copies of documentation provided to client  

CASE STUDY: Remote China


  • WHO: Canadian Life Insurance Company
  • WHAT: Investigating death in China
  • WHY:  Suspicious death in China
  • WHERE: Remote city (Harbin) in northern China

Investigator Obtained:

  • Cause of death of a female student doctor
  • Document copies, including Death Certificate, from local Police and hospital 
  • Interview with parents
  • Statement from parents that daughter terminally ill (cancer) and committed suicide by jumping from height

The TAT was challenging at just under 1 week. We sent our  private investigator to handle this sensitive case. Very difficult case given the circumstances.


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