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Struggling to act on information?
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Learning how to make a link analysis chart may be the answer...

If you are reading this, you are probably already very good at what you do. If you can effectively and efficiently chart what you know then you will be able to take your work to a different level! Let us help with this Link Analysis Chart online course…

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Link Analysis Chart Benefits

BUSINESS RISK: Many businesses—not just private investigator Agencies—struggle to understand the quantity of information that they receive on a daily basis.  If you cannot quickly compile and analyse information—that is develop link analysis—then you cannot act on it.  You risk making poor business decisions.

AFFORDABILITY: Undoubtedly, there is great software out there.  IBN I2 is brilliant.  But can you afford it?  As an SME we cannot.  However, we cannot afford to be without data visualization.  

As a company, at any point in time, we are working on multiple projects with relatively limited resources. If we cannot immediately clarify the status of a project to our client, or for that matter a member of staff unfamiliar with the project, then the project cannot run smoothly.  In short, we lose time, money and the confidence of our clients. Link analysis charts are essential.

DAILY LINK JOURNALLING: Without exaggeration, we began our company and initially used link analysis charts for large cases only.  Now,  we use them for almost every project. Not only do we save time, but issues are clarified immediately.  

Like a journal, the a link analysis chart become a way for you to monitor your daily findings.

CLIENT SATISFACTION: And its not only the Veriton team who love charts :)! Out clients love our charts (and reports), too. A couple of clients for larger projects have also asked us to provide in-house training about how we create our charts.

With all this positive feedback, we have decided to launch an online link analysis charting course. It uses low cost software  and teaches you on 6 modules how to analyse and chart data for you projects. 



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