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Without real experience it helps to hear stories of resourcefulness in action - almost like case studies in school.

Without real experience it helps to hear stories of resourcefulness in action - almost like case studies in school.

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Case Study Introduction

So why is there a page on this website dedicated to the case study?

When asked “what is your business?”, our answer “research and investigations…” is always met with two questions.  The first is inevitably “what does that really mean?”.  We give examples of primary services from the complex to more straight forward.  After reeling off services such as investigative due diligence, asset searches, investment checks, illegal trafficking and process serves the second question is then usually “but what do you actually do?”

Given the “confidential nature” of our work it is impossible to share case photos, videos or even court results if we have worked on a project that is eventually mentioned in open source records. In short, we can never and will never discuss past or present clients.

Thus, after a bit of hair-tearing on our part we decided to look at developing a “case study” template.  We think the simplest way to help clients (friends, family et al) to understand our services is through case studies.  

Of course, names and locations—as well as some other details—have been modified to preserve the anonymity of our clients.  Nevertheless, they provide some insight as to how we operate and what a client can expect.

Case Study Examples

To begin with, we  chose case studies that represent typical examples of our work.  They give the client some idea of turn-around-time and help set expectations. 

A case study can also illustrate the importance of local knowledge and customs.  For more complex cases, they also help us to demonstrate expected outcomes.

Future Case Studies - More Exciting Perhaps!! ☺️

Another common response from people when answering questions about our work is “Oh, that must be exciting!”.  Although much involves routine, sometimes the work can be compelling.  But, nevertheless, it is 99% removed from the sexy, Hollywood PI stereotypes who solve a case from beginning to end single-handed including all research and investigatory work!

Veriton’s success is very much a combination of following tried and tested methodologies and great teamwork.

Company Background Check Case Study

Company Check

What is a company background check? Background checks on businesses are conducted when you need...

Steps for a Successful Investigation

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