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A Background Check Is Money Well Spent...

Why get a background check? Read on for a TRUE story.  

In the not so distant past, we had a yacht broker ask us about an investment opportunity.  He wanted to know more about a company selling second-hand boats.  The deal was too good to be true…  Our client, far from wanting full investigative due diligence, requested a quick background check.  

As always, we made a preliminary evaluation prior to making a quote.  Initially, our gut feeling was that the company did not look at all favourable. However, further research was clearly required to complete a professional job.  

At the time, the broker was a former client. Hence, we submitted a reasonable quote for a 24hr turnaround  time (TAT).  

Regardless, our client declined, believing that the deal was legitimate.

Yes, you have guessed correctly!  Days later, the broker came back to us looking for help over what transpired to be a scam.  Unfortunately, he is now facing a potential lawsuit and has lost client trust and credibility.

THIS is an excellent example of how—for a small investment—you can protect your business and reputation.

Our reports are thorough and our prices are competitive. 

Types of Background Check


Background Check

What IS a Background Check?

What IS a Background Check?

There are essentially two types: a check on an individual or a check on a company.  Background checks are specific, meaning that we are verifying information you give us.  Alternatively, you may task us to conduct specific elements of research or minor investigations. 

As an example, a client came to us to ask if we could confirm, and prove, that two Hong Kong companies were linked.  This, clearly, is not a background check, but a minor investigation.  Regardless, it took us two days to find the links; the client was extremely happy with the outcome. 

Naturally, the content of a background check varies depending on client requirements.

What IS NOT a Background Check?

What IS NOT a Background Check?

An exhaustive research project on all available sources is not a background check-this would constitute due diligence, and, consequently, be more expensive.   

To find out more, read about the differences between a background check and investigative due diligence.

We Can Conduct Checks in Most Countries

Main Reasons Why Needed

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Executive vetting
  • Tenancy checks

Turnaround time (TAT)

  • If educational and work references are required,  the TAT is typically 2-3 weeks.
  • However, we issue an interim report.  This is usually within 3 working days.  It will address most of your requirements aside from education and previous employment confirmations.
  • Sometimes, it may be possible to complete basic checks within 24-48hrs.
  • Conducting interviews can increase the time required.

Including Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Urban China

Main Reasons Why Needed

  • Verify Company Legitimacy
  • Check Potential Business Partner(s)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Understand Competition
  • Investment Opportunity 

Turnaround time (TAT)

  • A basic company check on a Hong Kong or Chinese company takes 24-48hrs.
  • More complex requests can usually be completed within 5 working days.  
  • Of course, additional time is needed for “boots-on-the-ground” investigations.  
  • Likewise, conducting interviews requires more time.
  • We can complete basic Macau company checks within 7 working days.

What Does a Background Check Include?

What Does a Background Check Include?

Of course, what’s included is dependent on your requirements, turnaround time and budget

For example, a background check can include:



  • Current legal status
  • Directorships
  • Ownership
  • Related entities


  • Credit check
  • Social media
  • Assets
  • Property ownership
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Physical address verification 

How Does Veriton Provide Worldwide Background Checks ?

WORLDWIDE Background Check Service

Worldwide Coverage

Wide Network of Established Contacts

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK: Although based in Hong Kong, we work with multiple, reputable providers of information and intelligence.

Overseas, we use either:

  • Professional investigators with whom we have previously worked, or
  • Third party services via professional investigative groups whose members have been vetted


PARTNER DATABASE: Over the years, we have built up a database of 100s of contacts in countries around the world.  Not surprisingly, some of these contacts are partner agencies, but others are professional providers of commercial information. Between them, they assist us in completing our checks.

Time Sensitive Background Check

Time Sensitive Background Check

If you are needing an urgent, comprehensive background check and you are promised a 24hr TAT – then beware, as many of the checks are still conducted manually. 

Typically, previous employers and educational institutions do not respond quickly.

Customized Service

Reports: Interim & Tailored

Reports: Interim & Tailored

As requested by many clients, we provide a tailored service.

INTERIM REPORT:  Because we understand the urgency of such checks, we usually provide an interim report within the first three days.  

UPDATES: As soon as we receive further verifications, we update your report.  This way, you have 80% of what you need quickly. Thus, you can rest assured that your requirement is being dealt with through to completion.

REPORT LIBRARY: Over time, we have developed a library of report formats.  However, if required, we will provide reports in a customized format to suit your specific needs.

SIMPLE TO COMPLEX: Of course, client requirements do vary.  Some simply require a short statement of no criminal conviction.

Others, however, may need a full report, possibly including details of other businesses owned or previous employment, confirmation of addresses and education verification.

are you an employer, an executive recruiter or a personal investor?

Who Benefits from a Background Check?

our clients

At some point in their lives, almost anyone involved in employment, a small business or a personal investment can benefit from conducting a targeted background check.  

Surprisingly, even some family matters can warrant these.  Perhaps you want to check your daughter’s new partner, or are concerned about the way in which a domestic helper is behaving. A background check may immediately provide peace of mind, or, at least point you in the required direction to solve the problems.

Background checks can be both cost-effective and quick.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most commonly requested type of background check is for pre-employment purposes. This usually requires the subject’s authorization. In addition, permitted checks will also vary depending on jurisdiction.

Obviously, we have clients from many sectors and walks of life who use our background checking service:

  • Lawyers
  • SMEs 
  • HR Departments
  • International recruitment agencies
  • Immigration authorities
  • Private individuals
  • Private Investors

working to provide COST-EFFECTIVE solutions


Background Check

Costs: Each Check Is Different

Costs: Each Check Is Different

First, it is impossible to provide a fixed price check without knowing your requirements. 

WHY? Simply, every entity is different. For instance, a check on a CEO of a large multi-national company needs more resources than one for a small, independent business owner. 

Second, the reason for the check will also influence costs. As an example, checking a potential tenant involves less work than, say, documenting a candidate for a top bank position. 

Complete our step-by-step background check quotation form. This will help us get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.


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