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Chris Wilson PMSM

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Managing Director of Veriton Security

Corporate Experience

Before founding Veriton Security, Chris Wilson worked in a US-owned casino in Macau as the Director of Research and Investigations where he undertook Due Diligence research on potential clients, junkets, independent agents and business partners in support of the Corporate Compliance Programme. He was responsible for the conduct and management of all Corporate Internal Investigations.

35 Years with the Hong Kong Police: Career Highlights

Criminal Intelligence Bureau: Chris headed teams dealing with major armed and violent crime, kidnappings, burglary gangs, illegal immigration, smuggling and Triad personalities involved in gang activities. He ran the Criminal Intelligence Analysis Training Course for several years. 

New Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok:
For six years oversaw the design, planning, development and implementation of all police facilities.

Headed Counter-Terrorism and Internal Security Division at Police HQ:
Chris was chosen to lead the Force’s CTIS division after the 9-11 attacks.

Jane McAulay

Research & Communications Director 

Corporate Experience

Jane McAulay is co-founder of Veriton Security. While based in Europe she worked in Marketing and Information Technology (IT) before becoming a freelance consultant in Geneva, Switzerland and Toulouse, France. Her background in both Marketing and IT led to a Corporate Communications role with Motorola, Phoenix in the late 1990s when the company was reengineering business processes and converting to SAP. 

Corporate Communications & Education

In Hong Kong, whilst moving into general education, she continued to specialize in Corporate Communications and lectured in this – as well as other aspects of Business Communication – at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). With a strong research background, both from a corporate and academic perspective, her efforts are now focused on working with clients of Veriton Security to develop customized reports of the highest quality. Over the next few years, she will head business development in France and Italy: countries where Veriton Security is aiming to establish a customer base with services provided in the local language.

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