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Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is being required more frequently as the risks involved in hiring the wrong candidate become more expensive.

  • What is your reputation worth?
  • Has your Human Resources department really hired the right person for the job?
  • Are your managers confident that what was said during the interview is correct?
  • Are the academic claims valid?
  • Is the information on previous work experience true?
  • Does your candidate have integrity?

Veriton Security Screening Process

Our Pre-employment Screening is thorough, wide-ranging and fast. Typically, in respect of potentially senior hires, Veriton Security carries out:

  • Employment and education verification
  • Professional licences
  • Reference verification
  • Local-language media/public domain searches and integrity checking
  • Credit reporting and financial history, including bankruptcy checks
  • Due Diligence checking including Civil Litigation
  • Social Media
  • Companies and directorships (including disqualifications)
  • Identity documentation/passport checks
  • Address check/ property ownership

At the end of the process, Veriton Security investigators prepare a report that describes the candidate’s true profile. 

NOTE: It is not legally possible in Hong Kong to conduct a criminal record check except in a few rare instances – visas for travel, emigration and adoption. An individual cannot obtain a certificate of no criminal conviction in Hong Kong.

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