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Corruption, embezzlement, fraud: these are
characteristics which exist everywhere.
~ Alan Greenspan

Veriton Security is a wholly impartial entity. Based in Hong Kong, we are ideally suited to carry out your Internal, Corporate or Criminal investigations across SE Asia. We are experts in investigations, witness and suspect interviews, evidence gathering and litigation support. 

All enquiries are:

  • Kept entirely confidential
  • Comprehensive
  • Timely
  • Discreet

Forewarned Is

Nowadays, criminal and background investigations are essential in business. Veriton Security provides clients with accurate, in-depth information to resolve issues. Our extensive network of contacts opens doors to intelligence sources that are often difficult to access. To ensure that our clients have every advantage, we respond rapidly and compile accurate and detailed reports with realistic and achievable recommendations.

Our investigative techniques and thorough reporting and charting support all your business decisions. We can suport your decision-making process with tailor-made investigative database. Examples have included call analysis for a large corporate enquiry and a risk analysis matrix for a worldwide conservation group.

Some of our clients have said that many investigative companies do not clarify the steps they will take in an investigation. We examine all evidence – everything from computer communications to CCTV and consider all techniques including the use of undercover operations. 

Witness statements are key to any successful investigation. These are obtained impartially, discreetly and professionally to ensure your staff or business partners feel at ease. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We help you to protect your business and personal reputations.

We treat every client uniquely. Each assignment is approached on a case by case basis
beginning with an assessment of the circumstances leading to and surrounding the incident
or complaint.


There are many reasons why clients request surveillance:

  • Business intelligence gathering
  • Employee integrity issues
  • Criminal investigations

Surveillance is not cheap, but it can produce excellent results. However, sometimes the result is not what the client expected. Consequently, we cannot make any guarantees regarding the outcome of surveillance.

Follow-Up Investigations

We can assist overseas clients in following up on matters that:

  • May already have previously been reported to Authorities in Hong Kong, Macau and China
  • But in which there has been no satisfactory conclusion
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