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What is it?

In ‘Good Practice Guidelines on Conducting Third-Party Due Diligence’, the World Economic Forum (WEF) states, “the essential requirement of third-party due diligence is to know one’s partner”. 

Do you need it?

Can you truly state:

“I am confident that my agent, reseller, supplier etc. does not make corrupt payments, and that our business relationship is a normal, legitimate one. I can explain to and convince others why my confidence is justified.”

Do you know what to do?

“This means making appropriate inquiries to determine whether an organization’s existing or prospective third parties are honest and can be reasonably expected to refrain from corruption. The higher the risk, the broader and deeper the third-party due diligence should be.” 

Supplier, customer and business partner background checks, fraud and integrity research for mergers and acquisitions and employee integrity screening are all examples of Due Diligence.

Where we can help

Our Due Diligence team conducts comprehensive and discreet due diligence investigations for the purpose of identifying and assessing business and reputational risk issues involving potential clients, partners and vendors. 

Veriton Security will work with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and identify your key objectives. 

Levels of Due Diligence

Typically, Due Diligence is divided into three levels – basic, intermediate and comprehensive – dependent on client requirement and priced accordingly..

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Public Records Media and News databases Site visits
Court Records Proprietary search engines Staff/ Management interviews
Social media On-line databases Former staff interviews
Companies and Business registries Address checks Site photographs
Vehicle Ownerships Purchase and Examination of products
Directorships and Disqualifications
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