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So what is a background check and when would you need one?

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Does your company need a background check for employment or a background overview as part of a general investigation?  Perhaps you are considering employing a top level executive but need to know more about his/ her history? Let’s take a look at some of your options and types of check.

What is a background check?

Often the terms credit check and background check are used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. As a business developer, employer or investor you may require a more complete picture of a company or individual than is provided by a credit check alone.  Credit checks provide a financial overview of known assets, financial issues and property purchases in the subject’s name. 

A background check, which may include a credit check, will better determine risk and verify the accuracy, or otherwise, of the data with which you have been supplied.

These checks may either represent the first step in a large investigation or an end point for a service such as a background check for employment.

If you are not sure what you need, then we can advise what checks can and cannot be conducted.

Specifically, what is a background check for employment?

Within the range of checks we conduct, our most popular service is undoubtedly a background check for employment.  Excluding China, these are relatively simple with a quick TAT with the exception of educational verification.  This, in our experience, takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  Please note, however, we apply for confirmation of education within 24hrs of receiving your order.
As a company we do not deal with large volume checks.  Our services are aimed at executive level.

Executive background check for employment

The most popular background checks are those for pre-employment screening.  These can verify the authenticity of a candidate’s CV as well flagging potential criminal history. 
An executive background check for employment needs a different approach from screening regular employees.  All aspects of information provided to you by the potential executive must be verified.  As basic as it may seem, this includes identity verification.  Exaggeration is something that can be expected, but falsification – sometimes known as CV fraud – is criminal under certain circumstances. may lead to financial and reputational damage to your company. 

Optional executive checks

For a senior position, the employer can request for enhanced checks such as an individual’s residential address or property ownership to be confirmed.
There are multiple ways forward…  Please call Chris Wilson for an initial discussion: +852 248 999 48

What do background checks cover?

In short, there is no standard formula.  Background checks encompass many elements, including criminal record checks, finance and bankruptcy checks in addition to education, professional licences and, of course, social media.  

However, most background checks are relatively straightforward and the majority of clients, depending on originating jurisdiction, have clearly defined requirements before coming to us. 

References must be checked.  This seems simple?  It is often not.  In our experience, many former employers will verify only that the subject worked with them for a given period.  They are unlikely to provide a testimonial or salary details.  In fact, a glowing reference can be a bit of a “red flag”.  More often than not, a friend provides these 🙂  Sometimes, in-depth, multi-lingual social media searches yield sufficient results to satisfy an employer. 

So, for a top level appointment, sending an investigator out to speak to industry peers and former associates is, in our opinion, the best and most secure way to confirm credentials and integrity.

Why are background checks conducted?

Both bank balance and reputation may be negatively affected if you end up hiring an unsuitable employee.  Equally, the repercussions of forming a partnership and later finding out that there are previous criminal convictions could be disastrous.

Background Check Methods?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of background checks.

Subject expects check

The first is when subjects know (and expect) they are being checked.  For example, a pre-employment check fits this scenario.  This requires a signed international release letter from the candidate. With this letter, confirmation of basic data from, for example educational institutions and previous employers, can be obtained.

If your subject was educated in China, procedures are more complex.  Please contact us for more information.

Subject is unaware of check

The second type of background check is when the client does not want the subject to be aware of a check.  Apart from research, such checks usually require investigations and/ or surveillance.  These topics are covered in better detail in our post on due diligence. 

Rest assured, discretion is a core value of Veriton. 

International background check examples

Veriton regularly conducts international background checks for worldwide clients. 

The following examples illustrate the range of background checks available and how requirements vary from client to client.

Casino "On-Boarding"

A SE Asian casino needs ‘on-boarding’ checks.  Basically, this is a check with the potential employee’s country of origin to find out if there is any evidence of a criminal record.

TAT usually one day.

New York Agency

In New York, a large recruiter, requires news and social media checks, in English and Chinese, potential candidates who have previously lived and worked in Hong Kong.  These help to both determine life style and validate job history.


Worldwide Engineering Co

On the other hand, a multi-national engineering company requires that certain sub-contractor directors are fully vetted.  These checks are close to what we would term as ‘reputational due diligence’ on an individual.  

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