CASE STUDY: Individual Background Screening

  • WHO:  HR department of New York-based company
  • WHAT:  Background screening for new hire at senior level
  • WHY:  Compliance requirement
  • WHEN:  On-boarding new hire
  • WHERE:  Investigations and interviews in Hong Kong



Private Investigator Obtained:

  • Witness Statements
  • Photos
  • Supporting documentation

A straightforward case involving interviews and record checking. The TAT was 1 week except for educational qualifications.  Interim report was submitted.

Background Screening: Hong Kong Recruitment

A New York-based finance company decided to hire a new, young executive for its Hong Kong office.  Subsequently, the company approached Veriton to conduct background screening—otherwise known as an individual background check.

The New York compliance team explained that they needed a thorough background check on the individual. The subject of  the check had unexplained wealth.   

The New York representative provided a release letter signed by the young executive. 

Client Concerns

Our client was suspicious that the executive was able to buy an apartment on Hong Kong Island at a comparatively young age.

Research and Discreet Background Screening

We immediately assigned one of our Hong Kong-based private investigators to the case.

Quickly, we confirmed the apartment’s legal ownership. The new appointee had bought it some years previously.  Interestingly, he had not needed a bank loan for the purchase.

Subsequently, our investigator made discreet enquires with staff at the company where the subject had worked at the time of the purchase.  One female staff member, in the Accounts Department, recalled the young executive very clearly.  About seven years previously, at Chinese New Year, he had won HKD17 million in the lottery.

The accountant admitted that she had dated the executive.  Luckily, still had a photo of him the winning cheque on her phone.  Kindly, she forwarded the photo to our investigator.  She went on to say that her ex  purchased a flat and a car with his winnings.  As further proof, she also provided the apartment’s address.

Final Report

We conducted other standard background screening checks. However, we found nothing of concern.  Immediately, we prepared a detailed report for our client.  This included a copy of the lottery cheque.

In addition, copies of the supporting documentation regarding the executive’s education were obtained and documented.  With the release letter, we also were able to make a credit check that the client wanted.


Did you know question

The five most common lies on CVs:

  • Enhancing qualifications
  • Exaggerating title and responsibilities
  • Dates of employment
  • Companies worked for
  • Inventing/ faking references